3 Things You Should Know Before You Choose An Outdoor Warning Siren System In 2022

12:25 pm

Are You Looking To Upgrade or Install A New Outdoor Warning Siren System? If so, read the TOP 3 things that you should know about Outdoor Warning Systems before you spend hundreds of thousands if not millions on your next purchase.

More than likely you are an Emergency Manager, Safety Officer, Police or Fire Department Official tasked with the daunting task of upgrading/installing an outdoor warning siren system.  Replacing and upgrading outdoor warning sirens occurs every ten to fifteen years for an organization.  This means that the system you most likely choose will have a direct impact on the community for the next decade. Because of this, we wanted to help our Emergency Managers/Safety Officers to consider these 3 simple but powerful points before allocating a single penny to a system.

  1. Do you need to rip and replace the entire system or can you salvage part of the system that is already in place (obviously this is for those with existing systems)? If you have an existing system that is partially working or has several years left, there are modern outdoor warning siren systems that can integrate into the existing legacy sirens to extend the life of the current system.  This ensures that the investment made into the existing system can be extended a bit longer without sacrificing reliability or effectiveness.  Don’t rip and replace a perfectly good system that just needs to be modernized.  You can save hundreds of thousands of dollars by maintaining the working portions of your current system and installing a modern outdoor siren management system to upgrade the solution to provide modern features.
  2. Do you have more existing life safety systems that need to be integrated into the new outdoor warning sirens?  Instead of installing more stovepiped systems that require more people and resources to manage, choose a system that has an open systems integrations capability. There are modern solutions in the market today that will integrate all of your existing life safety systems into a single management portal. This will reduce your manpower and long-term maintenance requirements. Ultimately this cost and time savings will allow you to invest in other life safety capabilities.
  3. Do you have to fight for a budget each and every year to maintain these outdoor warning sirens? There are modern outdoor warning sirens that require very little maintenance due to their superior manufacturing and construction features. These outdoor sirens have been fully operational in Iraq and Afghanistan in the harshest of environments protecting our service members from terrorist attacks and other emergencies. This means by choosing the modern reliable system, you won’t have to fight for a maintenance budget that may not be available to you each year.

2022 has been a year full of weather and human-caused catastrophic emergencies.  If you have any questions about how you should proceed with choosing the right outdoor warning siren, contact our subject matter experts. It costs you nothing to ask a few questions about what works and what doesn’t.  You don’t have to choose HQE to be your sirens installation partner, but you should choose the right siren that best protects your community. We care more about that than anything else.  Why?  As a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), we take Serving Our Country very seriously. Just because we don’t wear our uniforms anymore doesn’t mean we stopped caring about our fellow citizens.


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