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HQE Systems Inc., a distinguished Service Disabled Veteran Owned GovTech Full Service Solutions Provider, specializes in cutting-edge Life Safety and electronic Security Solutions.

As a certified entity under the Veterans Affairs (VA) VetsFirst certification program, we leverage our deep-rooted expertise from leading roles in Fortune 50 Mass Notification and Electronic Security industries. Our inception was driven by a commitment to make premium emergency and security technologies accessible and affordable for diverse communities and organizations.

Vision: To revolutionize access to state-of-the-art, cost-effective Life Safety and Security technologies for every organization.

Mission: Our goal is to harness innovative technology solutions to safeguard lives and properties, while providing meaningful career paths for veterans in serving community safety needs.

At HQE, we approach each client’s unique challenges with personalized solutions, ensuring our services—ranging from Unified Mass Notification (outdoor warning sirens, indoor notifications, electronic mass notifications alerting software) to Integrated Electronic Security Systems (CCTV, Access Control, and Intrusion Detection Systems) —are tailored to meet specific organizational needs at competitive pricing. We extend beyond generic offerings to integrate modern, effective security systems and early warning solutions, making us a trusted partner for school districts, military installations, and various organizations seeking reliable safety measures.

Clients choose HQE for our unparalleled dedication to their security needs, underscored by our core values of Trust, Integrity, and Commitment. Our veteran-led team guarantees project success across all scales and complexities, embodying the latest in GovTech innovations for Life Safety and Security.

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CA SB/DVBE: 2001433
Cage Code: 72W82
SAM/WAWF: Active
Clearance: CLEARED
VetsFirst: SDVOSB / Active




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After their honorable discharge, the founders of HQE were motivated by a passion to bring advanced life safety systems to communities, recognizing the critical need for enhanced security solutions. Their dedication to embracing every project, coupled with relentless hard work, has solidified HQE’s status as the premier provider of innovative life safety and security solutions.

HQE’s journey from military service to leading the industry in life safety innovations exemplifies our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Our “no project too big or too small” ethos and readiness to exceed expectations have positioned us as a leader in GovTech solutions, serving a wide range of sectors including education, healthcare, and government agencies.

Our Commitment To Safety, Security, and Inclusion

HQE, founded by dedicated and resilient disabled veterans, champions the belief that everyone, regardless of physical or other disabilities, brings unique strengths and capabilities to our team. We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment where diversity is not just welcomed but seen as a cornerstone of our strength, especially as we work alongside emergency managers, public safety officials, and organizational leaders dedicated to safeguarding their communities.

Our mission extends beyond providing top-tier life safety and security solutions; it’s about building a team reflective of the diverse communities we serve. We understand the critical role our solutions play in ensuring the safety of students, residents, staff, and visitors. That’s why we’re continuously seeking individuals who share our dedication to making a tangible difference in public safety.

At HQE, we offer extensive employment opportunities, particularly to those passionate about contributing to the safety and security of communities across various sectors. We’re committed to equipping our team with the necessary technical skills to thrive, ensuring they’re prepared to meet the evolving challenges faced by emergency managers and public safety officials today.

As of 2024, we’re proud that our workforce consists of 60% veterans and over 80% individuals from minority and disadvantaged backgrounds. Our goal is to further enhance diversity and representation within our ranks, thereby enriching our perspectives and approaches to developing life safety and security technologies. By doing so, we aim to empower more individuals with rewarding careers in the tech industry, all while contributing to the broader mission of creating safer, more resilient communities.

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