Systems Integration


enhancing operational performance

boost your efficiency

HQE excels in seamlessly integrating contemporary solutions with your existing legacy systems, ensuring you leverage the full value of your prior investments. Our team, equipped with vast integration expertise and advanced in-house engineering skills, specializes in enhancing your legacy systems with the modern functionalities you need. By adopting a selective upgrade approach, we maintain what’s effective and introduce essential modern capabilities, ensuring system replacements are only made when absolutely necessary. Let us help you modernize efficiently, preserving the best of your current systems while embracing the new.

removing stovepiped roadblocks

unlimited potential

Leverage HQE’s comprehensive systems integration capabilities to refine and streamline your organization’s internal processes and procedures. With over 65 years of collective experience in executing some of the most intricate integrations in the aerospace and defense sectors, our team is adept at unifying disparate systems into a cohesive command and control framework. Our promise is the potential for limitless integration, transforming diverse systems into a unified, efficient operation that propels your organization forward.