Mass Notification



When Every Second Counts!

Unified Mass Notification System

HQE presents a comprehensive suite of electronic notification software and technologies for both indoor and outdoor mass notification systems. As the premier provider of mass notification system solutions, HQE is equipped to furnish your organization with the optimal solution tailored to meet both your immediate and long-term needs. Our expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) enhances our offerings, ensuring that your safety and communication protocols are not only current but also future-ready, positioning you at the forefront of emergency management and public safety innovation.


Maximize Your Resources

As a brand-agnostic solutions provider, HQE excels in enhancing your existing systems with the integration of new, advanced capabilities, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies. Our methodology in building solutions is deeply rooted in valuing and leveraging the systems you already have in place. Our goal is to augment and optimize, not to overhaul unnecessarily. This approach ensures that your organization benefits from the latest in GovTech innovations while preserving your initial investments, delivering value that transcends technology.

leveraging existing assets

HQE is committed to valuing your previous investments by incorporating already-purchased systems into our solutions. Our expertise in GovTech solutions ensures that no prior investment is overlooked, enhancing your operational efficiency without unnecessary expenditures.

streamlining Integrations

Our approach focuses on smart integrations that simplify and amplify effectiveness. By seamlessly connecting new technologies with your existing infrastructure, we ensure a cohesive and efficient security ecosystem, tailored to the unique needs of emergency managers and public safety officials.

efficiency that saves time

HQE's strategic solution development is designed to save you time. Our efficient, integrated systems streamline your security and safety operations, allowing you to focus on critical tasks with the assurance that your technological solutions are optimized and future-ready.

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Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) can assist you in all phases of your Mass Notification project. From Design, Planning, Installation, Integrations, and Maintenance, our SMEs are here to help! Contact us.

On-Premise Solutions

Experience the convenience of a low-cost, easy-to-maintain on-premise central control unit, scalable to fit any organization's size. Our systems are designed for seamless integration, ensuring your operations are streamlined and efficient.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Leverage the power of cloud-based solutions with our SaaS offerings, providing a low-cost, effortlessly maintained central control unit that brings modern efficiency to organizations of any scale.

Military-Grade Encryption

Security is paramount, which is why all HQE solutions are fortified with 256-BIT Advanced Encryption, adhering to military-grade security standards. Rest assured, your communications are safeguarded with the highest level of protection.

Unlimited Integrations

Unify your mass notification and management systems into a single intelligent portal. Our platform supports unlimited integrations, enabling a cohesive ecosystem for all your communication needs.

Accessibility Across Devices

Flexibility at your fingertips – our Mass Notification solutions are engineered for comprehensive management, activation, and monitoring from any device, including mobile phones, workstations, laptops, and tablets, ensuring you stay connected.

Scalable Solutions

With HQE, scaling your safety and communication infrastructure has never been easier. Effortlessly upgrade or incorporate additional indoor and outdoor solutions into your main system, ensuring your organization's growth and evolving needs are always supported.