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A Little About Me:

Meet Chandlar Lanier: A die-hard software engineer, now a Mass Notification maestro, with a not-so-secret love affair with Mt. Dew. Chandlar's passion isn't just about coding—it's about crafting the most innovative mass notification systems out there. For her, every line of code is a step towards a safer world, and yes, she's fueling this mission with her enduring love for that iconic green fizz!

Three Things I CAN'T Live Without

What I Can Help You With

Software Alerting

I am recognized for pioneering innovative, user-centric software alerting systems through extensive development and implementation experience.

Indoor Alerting

My expertise in indoor alerting stems from designing advanced, integrated notification solutions tailored to enhance safety and efficiency in various environments.

Outdoor Alerting

I specialize in deploying scalable outdoor alerting systems, ensuring effective community-wide communication during critical situations.

Weather Planning

My background in weather planning combines software expertise with emergency preparedness to develop proactive response strategies for severe weather events.

Systems Design

I am known for my ability to create sophisticated, integrated systems designs that address complex operational challenges and improve reliability.

Project Consulting

As a project consulting expert, I leverage deep industry knowledge to guide projects from inception to successful completion across diverse sectors.

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