Press Release – San Pasqual Mission Band of Indians Reservation (California, USA)

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Valley Center, CA – In a crucial effort to enhance its Emergency Preparedness and Communication Strategies, the San Pasqual Mission Band of Indians Reservation in Southern California has forged a strategic partnership with HQE Systems, Inc. (HQE) to design, develop and deploy the highly advanced SiRcom Outdoor Warning Siren solution. This collaboration is a testament to the reservation’s commitment to augment their mass notification and emergency communications, recognizing the unique challenges posed by its geographical location, which puts its thriving indigenous Kumeyaay Community at risk due to the rugged terrain, at times of emergency.

HQE’s custom-built outdoor warning solution represents the culmination of meticulous design and innovative engineering, specifically tailored to overcome crisis management obstacles, particularly those frequently encountered during emergencies, such as power loss and the absence of cellular/internet signals during wildfires. These life-threatening challenges often obstruct the crucial flow of information to emergency teams and the community in need. However, HQE’s cutting-edge outdoor siren solution by SiRcom, was designed with a versatile range of smart built-in features, that include an impressive up to 30-day extended backup power capability and a plethora of communication modalities, such as Satellite, Radio, Cellular, IP, Secure Mesh, LoRaWAN, and SAFE Network Zones. This siren solution ensures real-time detection, swift alerts, and seamless communication, even in the harshest and most adverse conditions.

Fire smoke from mountain cliff (wildfire)

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“With the addition of our new outdoor warning sirens, the safety and preparedness of the San Pasqual Mission Band of Indians Reservation have taken a significant leap forward. These cutting-edge sirens empower us to promptly alert and deliver life-saving instructions to our community, especially during challenging situations like wildfires or other emergencies that might disrupt power or cellular systems. As we prioritize the protection of our residents, this latest enhancement ensures that we can face uncertainties with confidence and protect the well-being of our cherished community,” shared Bob Bishop, Chief of Police for the San Pasqual Mission Band of Indians Reservation, CA.

The implementation of the outdoor warning sirens project has not only bolstered the safety and emergency measures of San Pasqual Reservation but also placed it among the forefront of Californian municipalities that prioritize the invaluable attributes of versatile, resilient, and customizable outdoor warning siren systems. “The SiRcom sirens, renowned for their durability and clarity in delivering voice and tone alerts, have been instrumental in enhancing the overall effectiveness of our system”. Police Chief Bishop added, “Thanks to the SiRcom outdoor warning sirens, our city now benefits from installing clear, comprehensible voice and tone alerts that can be heard over extensive distances, ensuring maximum coverage for the safety of our community.”

By choosing HQE Systems to implement the SiRcom Outdoor Warning Siren solution, the San Pasqual Mission Band of Indians Reservation has made a decisive commitment to fortify their emergency alert systems in light of the ever-growing life safety and security challenges. This strategic alliance is poised to make a profound impact, substantially enhancing the city’s emergency readiness and safety infrastructure, thus ensuring the protection and well-being of its cherished community for years to come.

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