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Ready to Mentor a Veteran to Become an Emergency Manager?

Veterans Mentorship Program

Interested in helping mentor a veteran become an emergency manager as they transition from the military to the civilian life?,

As a leading emergency manager, your unparalleled expertise and insightful knowledge will help, firsthand, in preparing veterans transitioning through the DoD SkillBridge Program, understand the essential role Emergency Managers play in saving lives and protecting property..... 

Below are few examples we have identified as recurring topics frequently discussed among Emergency Professionals,

  • 1. Crisis and Disaster Management Operational Best Practices and leasons learned.
  • 2. The Importance of Security Tech Integration ensuring threat detection, mass notifications and electronic security for cohesive operation.
  • 3. Insights into Data Protection and Cybersecurity to safeguarde private data against cyber threats with advanced security measures.
  • 4. Operational Efficiency and Automation through leveraging AI and ML for enhanced decision-making and productivity.
  • 5. Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management Trends ensuring adherence to government regulations and industry standards.
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How Can You Help Mentor A Veteran?

Mass notification system (MNS) integrated by HQE Systems for a unified warning solution.

Plan a 30-60 minute call around your schedule, at your convenience, with a veteran intern...

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surveillance camera integrated by HQE systems for acess control and mass notificaiton needs.

Demonstrate your systems features and operations, allowing a veteran a closer look into the Day of a Professional Emergency Manager...


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Mass notification system (MNS) using SiSA integrated by HQE Systems for a unified warning solution.

Feeling generous with your time?, we would love to invite you to our facility to meet our team in person...


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