Why Redundancy Matters For Emergency Managers

12:09 pm

Recent events have highlighted the need for emergency managers to have redundant mass notification systems. The failure of electronic alert software dependent on power and cellular signals during emergencies has proven to be catastrophic. One such example is the 2021 winter storm in Texas, which left millions without power and cellular coverage. The lack of reliable communication systems led to many not receiving critical emergency notifications, resulting in loss of life.

Another example is the 2020 Iowa Derecho, which resulted in widespread power outages and cellular service disruptions, leaving many without access to electronic mass notifications. Inadequate warning systems caused confusion and chaos, making it difficult for residents to evacuate on time.

To mitigate the risks of relying on a single mass notification capability, emergency managers should consider early warning system sirens that provide an extra layer of protection when power and cellular or internet coverage are unavailable. HQE Systems has the experience and expertise to provide early warning system sirens with satellite, radio (VHF/UHF), cellular, IP, and custom secure mesh networks to ensure a more reliable mass notification system.

In addition, HQE Systems offers a unified mass notification solution that integrates indoor and outdoor notifications from a single user interface. This approach simplifies the use of the system and increases security posture by limiting multiple backdoors from multiple vendors providing multiple capabilities. The solution also integrates with CCTV, access control, and intrusion detection systems to bring greater security posture to the life safety system.

HQE Systems also places a strong emphasis on cybersecurity and ensures that its early warning system has the highest security standards and has never been hacked.

Emergency managers must be proactive and prepared to protect their communities during emergencies. By implementing redundant mass notification systems, they can minimize the risks associated with relying on a single communication method and ensure that their communities are safe and informed.


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